Freedom House Announces Expansion Campaign

Sober Living Facility Seeks $600,000 to Match Englestad Family Foundation Pledge, Fund Resident Scholarships and Food Program

Las Vegas – Today, Freedom House President/CEO Jeff Iverson announced a fundraising campaign in support of expanding the services offered by the charity.  Founded in 2010 by Iverson and Silvia Buckley, the organization provides a structured transition from homelessness for individuals with substance abuse issues.  Freedom House is seeking a total of $600,000 by May 1st to match a $600,000 pledge by the Englestad Family Foundation.

“We received a generous pledge from the Englestad Family Foundation and raising the matching dollars is crucial to our future,” stated Iverson.  “As our capacity to serve has grown and word has spread about our successes, so have the number of people in our community who need us.”

A Las Vegas native, Iverson is a recovering methamphetamine addict. His addiction led to an array of family and personal problems ultimately leading to the local drug court program in 2006.  Upon graduation, Iverson’s recovery advanced through embracing his passion for truly helping others.  After volunteering at a treatment center and working with foundations focused on prevention and awareness, he and a partner started a sober living facility called Sober Living Las Vegas.  Eventually, Iverson and Buckley founded Freedom House with the generous aide of anonymous donor.

The $1.2 million campaign will serve three main purposes. First, provide scholarships for residents in Freedom House’s transitional programs. Second, fund the Freedom House food program (which is a third party operated Three Square approved closed food pantry).  Third, allow for the creation of Freedom House for Veterans to offer a much needed residential drug and alcohol treatment program for veterans.

“Our framework is proven to reduce the risk of relapse by those devastated by addiction, allowing them to transition towards a role as productive members of our community. Residents in our transition program are provided the services they need to reintegrate into society while receiving support and being held accountable,” commented Iverson.  “A successful fundraising campaign will complete our goal of providing total wraparound services on our campus.”


Founded in 2010, Freedom House is a nonprofit facility in Las Vegas that provides housing, food assistance, and recovery support services to homeless individuals who have an underlying substance abuse issue. Our mission is to create an environment for those in recovery to learn to live with a quality of life they have forgotten or never experienced before.


Contact: Michael Phillips  (702) 591-6272

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