OurMission Statement


Vegas Sober Living

Vegas Sober Living – Our mission right from the beginning has been to create an environment for those in recovery to learn to live with a quality of life they have forgotten or never experienced before.

Our founders have built their communities with the deep compassion and commitment for the finest services about how to achieve a first class quality of life for their clients.

That Commitment is best defined in the following core values of the company:

  • Nurturing the Spirit: At Freedom House we care for the whole person; mind body spirit that’s why we offer activities and classes that will develop healthy habits for everyday living.
  • Bridging the Gap: Freedom House provides a safe and supported transition between treatment facilities, and /or prison to successful re-entry into society through Vegas Sober Living.
  • Community: Freedom house believes in Long term Success in Recovery. That’s why all our staff and residents are People in Recovery. Committed to providing opportunities for Social interaction, exercise, and spiritual growth.
  • Celebration: Freedom House staff understands that everyone has their own story that is why each week there is a community dinner to celebrate each client’s accomplishments as individuals and as a community in Recovery.