WhyFreedom House

Freedom House offers you... the individual, a community and lifestyle committed to your Long Term recovery.

Not only do we believe it’s possible to maintain sobriety, we provide you the assistance and the support to make it possible.

Freedom House Sober Living distinguishes itself from other transitional living centers by designing a community for people in recovery. Freedom House Sober Living is centrally located in Las Vegas, giving easy access to after care and is centrally located community programs.
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Sober LivingCommunity & Recovery

Our Freedom House Sober Living facility is used by addicts recovering from substance abuse, which serves as an interim environment between rehab and a great start to a new clean and sober life.

Freedom House's vision grew out of a need to have clean and supportive place for people to live while they were in recovery. Our goal is to embrace people who have just come out of rehab and need a place to live that is structured and supporting for those in their on-going recovery.

The mission for Freedom House Sober Living, is to allow people to begin the slow process of re-engaging with society, while still under monitoring and support through a 12 step program, this reduces the risk of relapse when compared to a release directly into society...back into the environment where they were in when using drugs.

Freedom House Sober Living offers this options for individuals transitioning out of treatment programs, or for those new to recovery who are seeking a supportive living environment.
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Community remodel a great success this weekend

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